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Crypto Risk Management made for Emerging Markets and Industries


Monitor all transactions going through your crypto addresses to mitigate the risk of Money Laundering and Fraud

  • Risk engine is powered by +200M addresses labeled
  • Track real-time crypto transactions
  • Set alerts for high-risk transactions
  • Customize risk scores

Check out the Monitoring Tool here.


Assess risk of illicit Transactions or Addresses.
This is also known as KYT.

  • Simple API design making it easy for developer to integrate
  • Check address risk scores, before confirming a withdrawal from your system

Check out the API documentation here.


Easily investigate the flow of funds and address relationships.

  • +200M crypto addresses tagged
  • Privately label crypto addresses and collaborate with your team
  • Filter by token and filter by time features
  • Privacy and collaboration features available

Check out the Investigation Tool here.

From Our Users

"Breadcrumb's user-friendly interface and automated reporting features have simplified our compliance process and saved us countless hours of manual work.  

The training course gave our compliance team the confidence to quickly identify illicit activity on chain.

Breadcrumbs Compliance has given us a competitive advantage in being able to keep ahead of regulations and has exceeded our expectations in every way."

- Joseph Iuso
Cheif AML Officer,
"Breadcrumbs compliance tool provides fast and reliable data to ensure our transactions are properly monitored and risk is properly managed.

Their comprehensive and growing attribution data is one of the most impressive in the market at an affordable price. 

Their education and support team has helped in navigating us through complex data and understanding trends and analytics.

Breadcrumbs is a must-have tool for enterprise."

- Wayne Chen
Founder & CEO, Eukapay

A Compliance Solution that simplifies every stage of Risk Management

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For crypto investigators, web3 project founders to monitor high risk activity.
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For small and medium-sized businesses handling cryptoassets to review transaction risk and comply with financial regulations.
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3 User Accounts
Transaction Monitoring
Transaction Logs
Entity Risk Reports
Chat Support
Collaboration Features

Risk API (KYT)

For web3 projects, startups and enterprises to integrate the Breadcrumbs Risk Engine in various applications and platforms.
$0.05/API Call
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Volume pricing available
*FREE while on BETA
View API Documentation here

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